Thursday 22 September 2016

Boy Discovers His UNILAG Girlfriend Is A Ritualist

Image result for Exposed! Boy catches his UNILAG girlfriend doing rituals

A UNILAG student who is allegedly involved in rituals, has been exposed by her boyfriend. According to the story, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) student had been having a conversation with her friend, where she was telling him why she hadn’t had a bath all day long because of a certain ritual. While the girl assumed her boyfriend was sleeping, the girl reportedly went ahead to start chanting her incantations, and later slept off. Her ‘sneaky’ boyfriend went on to take her phone while she snored beside him, and took the screenshots below:

Ritualist babe 3

`ritualist babe 5

ritualist babe 4

ritualist babe 6

ritualist babe 7

ritualist babe 8

ritualist babe 9

ritualist babe

ritualist babe 1

ritualist babe 2

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