Sunday 18 September 2016

LISTEN To Audio Tape Of Nigerian Woman Expose Friend in London Who Had Bastard Child For Husband [Audio In Yoruba+Photos]

Jibike and Abike when the going was good as friends.
Two Nigerian friends who have shared secrets in the past fall out and the other lady goes on social media to expose all her friends secrets including the fact that the baby she had for her husband was in fact for another man.

The gist of the story is that the two were good friends who knew each other way back from Lagos.Jibike Basira obviously trusted her childhood friend so much as she told her deepest darkest 
secrets.The biggest of the secrets was that the child she had in her matrimonial home did indeed belong to somebody else.

The husband did not know this.There were also other things Basira confided in her friend that was exposed.

So much is exposed in this audio..there is family,there is theft and more.It's like a Nollywood film.
Now nobody knows exactly what Basira did to her friend Abike,but when you listen to the audio you just might find out..It is hot and it serves as a deterrent hopefully to many women out there who place their absolute trust in friends and also women who cheat on their husbands...Happy listening...

Click here to hear Abike's Mother reigning curses on Londoners who criticized her child.


Part 2, Nigerian Lady exposes friend who gave bastard child to husband

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