Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Story Of How 27-Year-Old Fire Service Lady Bites Off His Commander’s Penis Who Tried To Rape Her [Viewers discretion strongly advised]

Penis Fireman

It may appear as a cock and bull story, which could be the best and award-winning screenplay for an X-rated movie yet to be produced from the Brong Ahafo town of Techiman.
Well, it is the story of a municipal fire commander who attempted to unleash his sexual libido on one of his female subordinates that ended on a bizarre note last Friday dawn as his erected penis was bitten during foreplay, allegedly.

The Commander, Eric Ansah Ando, at the Techiman Fire Station allegedly showed up at the 27-year-old’s [name withheld] apartment between the hours of 12:00am and 1:00am Friday with the intention to rape her.
According to the lady who has been working as a Fire Officer for four months now, she was asleep when she heard a knock on her door, noting she thought it was her finacee hence went to open it only to find his commander holding a polyethylene bag containing some clothes.

She told 3News that she asked the commander about his mission to which he replied that he had brought his clothes for her to wash for him. The commander was said to have requested for a glass of water to drink and when he was handed one, he declined to drink. “He then held my hand and drew me close to him and started romancing me. I resisted and told him I didn’t want that but he continued and told me ‘I’m the commander, 

The lady said at that point she became frightened as she was unaware what the commander was capable of, especially considering the struggle she had faced, hence she cunningly told the commander that she will have sex with him.

The commander, according to the lady, immediately removed his clothes and laid in her bed so she began to give him foreplay. “I then put his penis in my mouth and bit him. I then saw blood oozing out. I got scared so I called the fire station that there was a fire in my house so they came and I told them what happened.

They took him to hospital and I went to the Police station to report,” she told 3News. According to the lady’s father, Pastor Agyei Takyi, he was home when he got information that his daughter has been arrested so he proceeded to the Police Station where his daughter narrated the incident to him. He said he stood surety for his daughter.
Pastor Takyi said the Police asked him to produce the lady on Monday September 19 which he did but unfortunately the Police did not allow him into a meeting with his daughter.

According to him, his daughter came out of the meeting to tell him that they [the police] want her to admit that she is at fault but she told them she cannot so matter be taken to court. He said they are waiting for the Police to make a decision on the case to know the way forward for them. Sources within the Techiman Police have confirmed the incident but declined to give details.
Techiman municipal fire commander, Eric Ansah, could lose his job should investigations find him guilty

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