Thursday 22 September 2016

Man Turns Millionaire After Selling Yogurt For 30-Years

The elderly man wept because he could not believe his luck.
A hard-working elderly man has been turned into an instant millionaire by a Good Samaritan in Kaduna state.
According to Facebook user Abubakar Mohammed Bilal, who posted the touching story on his page, the unnamed elderly man has been selling the popular FAN yoghurt in the northern state for over 30 years before he met his good luck in a customer who wrote him a N3million-naira cheque.
The elderly yoghurt seller at work.
                                The elderly yoghurt seller at work.
Bilal described the elderly man as a very friendly person, who was popular for being nice to kids who bought yoghurt from him and even other older customers.
He is particularly known to sell yoghurts for free to kids who didn’t have money. This is the real reason he was rewarded by a former young customer of his who is now all grown up and wealthy.

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