Thursday 10 November 2016

Croydon Tram Crash Survivors Have Arms And Legs Amputated

Crying mourners, pictured, have been visiting the site of the crash all day to leave flowers and pay their respects
Tearful mourners have left tributes at the site of a tram disaster that killed at least seven people and injured 50 more.
Dozens of flowers have been laid near Sandilands tram stop in Croydon where the two-carriage vehicle derailed and overturned early yesterday morning. 
It comes as the first victim of the Croydon tram disaster was named locally as 19-year-old Dane Chinnery, a local labourer and Crystal Palace fan who was described as 'lovely, caring and beautiful' on social media.

Friends and loved ones have flocked to the scene of the crash to pay their respect to Mr Chinnery and the other victims, with a young child reported to be among them.
His friend Tom Dale, 20, who was also on the train, said he looked for Mr Chinnery after the crash but 'all he could see of him was his boot'.  
Survivors said the driver of the vehicle may have 'blacked out' at the controls while others compared the incident to a 'horror movie' with one man 'decapitated'. 
Bodies of passengers could still be trapped under the wreckage of the tram 36 hours after the disaster, according to the local MP. 
Injured passengers were taken to St George's Hospital in south west London and Croydon University Hospital.
Some of the 20 survivors at St George's had limbs amputated. One passenger suffered a collapsed lung.

Police confirmed the 42-year-old driver, from Beckenham, had been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. He has since been released on bail.
A witness described the moment he was arrested by officers, detailing how he had 'emotional pain all over his face'.
With only one victim named so far, British Transport Police said formal identification was going to be a 'lengthy and complex' process, but revealed that of the seven victims, six were men and one was a woman.
Three victims have been recovering from surgery in St George's Hospital after serious injuries sustained in the early morning crash.
A police source said: 'We've got some victims with amputations, including a leg and an arm.
'Another had a collapsed lung. The patients at St. George's are all over the place in different wards.'
A St George's Hospital spokesman said: 'Yesterday three patients who were seriously injured in the tram incident in Croydon underwent surgery at St George's.
'All three patients left theatre yesterday, and are continuing to be looked after by our surgical and medical teams.
Croydon MP Gavin Barwell said crash site investigators were using two huge cranes to lift the tram from the track.
The 44-year-old said: 'I've just been down to the crash site, progress has been made, bodies have been removed and there are operations now to get the tram upright.
'Work to ascertain if there are any more bodies underneath is still ongoing, the emergency services will not know for sure until it has been lifted up and can be examined under the light.'

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