Tuesday 8 November 2016

I’m A Master In Bed, That’s Why He Keeps Beating Up His Wife For Me – 22-Yr-Old Lady

A 22-year-old Zimbabwean lady, Talent Taderera has become a controversial figure following her recent claim that she is very good in bed.
She revealed details about her sexual prowess and claimed that her 26-year-old boyfriend, Anesu Gondo thinks she used love portion to tie him down.

Talent said she is very good in bed that is why the boyfriend, who is a married man cannot get enough of her and keeps cheating on the wife. This came to light after Talent accused the boyfriend of leaking her nude photos online.
She said because she is a master in sex, her on-off boyfriend Gondo cannot let her go. Gondo is a former Dynamos striker now plying his trade in South Africa. She also alleged the footie ace suspected her of using love potions to drive him crazy

Talent disclosed that that as a result of her sexual abilities, Gondo would always demand n*de pictures from her as he always wanted to see her in her birthday suit.“He has been telling people in my neighborhood as well as my relatives that I use love potions on him but that is not true. There is nothing strange about how he feels. The only reason I am sure he cannot take me out of his life is because our s*x life was great. 
“I am good in bed and he cannot have enough of me which could be the reason why he is so confused the way he is,” stated Talent.
“The juju allegations he is asserting are not true because the truth of the matter is he still finds me so attractive. Many times he has asked me if I could send him nude pictures and I have been sending them to him in trust that he would keep them private.
“Now what bothers me is that he has been leaking the pictures to people in our neighborhood just because I have made up my mind that I no longer want him. He even sent me messages threatening to make the pictures go viral and he is doing all this to fix me so that I don’t get another man in my life,” she said.
Speaking on the challenges they faced in their relationship Talent said;
“When I first started going out with him in 2014, he had lied to me that he was single. We broke up after I discovered the truth. He kept coming back and I agreed to be his girlfriend despite the fact that he had a wife. Our relationship was not smooth because he is very aggressive, we broke up several times after he had battered me, but still he would come back to me asking for forgiveness.”
However, Talent’s boyfriend Gondo, has reacted and maintained Talent is using juju on him.
“My life is in the hands of this woman, she used juju on me and I cannot resist her. I no longer want her in my life but I would be lying if I say I no longer love her. The reason I have decided to publicize this issue is because I want to expose the juju she uses on me. I am confident that the way I feel towards her is influenced by juju because it has been established by different prophets whom I have gone to consult,” he said.
Gondo went on to reveal that even though they were currently on separation but they were always meeting regularly for sex.
“I am so surprised by my actions because I always find myself going back to her. I am sure she can even confirm what I am saying. I have caught her cheating many times but in all those incidences, I am the one who ends up asking her forgiveness. We still had s*x even though we were no longer together. I will be going back to South Africa soon so yesterday we were actually planning on spending quality time before I leave,” he said.
Gondo continued:

Anesu Gondo

“My marriage life was seriously affected ever since I started having an affair with Talent. On Tuesday I was arrested after I assaulted my wife for insulting Talent over the phone. I am not the one who leaked the n*de pictures that Talent is accusing me of leaking, they were leaked by my wife after she found them in my phone.”
Also, Gondo’s wife during an interview confirmed her husband’s assertions that Talent uses love potions.
“There is no joy in my marriage because of this woman, my husband cannot leave her and we face a lot of challenges because of that. Last night we ended up fighting because of her and it really grieves me a lot,” Gondo’s said.

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