Wednesday 9 November 2016

Donald Trump Set To Emerge Next American President - Utter Humiliation For Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton and won the US presidency during a seismic night of political drama that has stunned the nation. The billionaire mogul won Pennsylvania just after 1.30am and Wisconsin moments later to take his electoral college count to 274 - taking him past the magic number of 270 and making him president-elect. As the night unfolded, Trump won the key swing states of Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, as well as a series of states he was predicted to win. Clinton had little to show for her campaigning, with Virginia and Nevada offering little consolation. 

As her party fell flat and supporters streamed away in tears, she was locked in a hotel suite just round the corner from Trump Tower, protected behind a wall of minders and with aides who refused to speak to the press. 

At Trump Tower, the candidate retired to his apartment to 'take a moment' with this wife. At his planned victory celebration at the New York Hilton in Manhattan , supporters chanted 'lock her up' as states after state fell. The big breakthrough was the fall of Florida. As a Florida victory looked imminent, young Trump fans chanted at giant TVs: 'Call it! Call it! Call it!' The news of the unexpected Trump victory sent Dow futures and Asian markets tumbling, reflecting investor concern over what a Trump presidency might mean for the economy and trade.

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