Thursday 10 November 2016

Hausa Actress Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee Says She Is Engaged To Ex-President Ibrahim Babangida (IBB)

A well known Hausa actress Ummi Ibrahim Zeezee has sparked marriage rumours after she posted a series of love struck messages referring to former military head of state Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) as her husband to be.

One of the post goes thus

75 year old IBB lost his first wife of 40 years, Maryam Babangida to ovarian cancer in 2009 and 7 years on, has remained unmarried. Ummi reportedly granted an interview in 2013 where she hinted about an impending marriage between her and the former military president.

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In an interview with Vanguard 2 years ago,  IBBaid of his late wife Maryam:
She was a real companion who got to understand and accept me for what I am and tried to make the best of me and that is what I am missing. She was the one who would look at me and say ‘you’re wrong’ and I had to accept and bury my pride and I will say ‘sorry, you’re right’. That is the sort of counseling I am missing now.”
If truly Ummi is truly engaged to IBB, she definitely has some big shoes to fill.

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