Tuesday 24 January 2017

Comedian, Baba De Baba, Under Fire Over Rape Skit

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Struggling Nigerian comedian, Baba de Baba, in an attempt to send a message to women who sleep in men’s houses with no intention of having sex with them, made a terrible joke about rape that has put him in serious trouble.

In a video shared on his YouTube page, the comedian is seen playing out a scene which he claims to have seen happen at a police station. The skit shows him defending himself against a rape claim made by a young lady to an officer who came to arrest him.
Expectedly, he was attacked by furious viewers who thought he was extremely insensitive with the thoughtless joke.

One disgusted woman called him an ignorant fool, something that didn’t sit well with him as he angrily replied her “u must be stupid to support a girl for going to sleep in d house of a man who is not are blood relative”.
The woman then took it upon herself to explain things to him, seeing as he was so ignorant.

‘Baba De Baba Comedian’ she started. ‘1. It’s “her” not “are” so coupled with your ignorance you are retarded.
2. I never mentioned supporting anyone sleeping in anyone’s house. The issue is not where a person sleeps the issue is the rape. Rape should not be excused under any circumstance. I’m sure you don’t know that it is possible for a spouse to rape their partner? As long as it’s not consensual it is a punishable crime. u
3. You need to school yourself in such sensitive issues before you advertise your foolishness to the world. You can buy her an island for all I care (assholes like you cannot afford more than red label), rape is rape. She can decide to move into your house for the rest of her life, rape is still rape… There should be no excuse for it and you should never endorse it.
4. What’s the meaning of stupid? bet you have no idea. You low life disgusting fool.’
Other viewers also chimed in.
‘This guy is a predator. How is it that he’s allowed to spread this message and not face consequences’ one wrote.
‘No Means NO! at any point.’ another pointed out.

Olufunke Phillips wrote on her Facebook page. It's 2017 and I don't believe we still need to teach people about the concept of consent but circumstances have shown that some people refuse to learn.
I don't understand how a dummy masquerading as a comedian thought it would be a good idea to crack a rape joke.
Baba de baba or whatever the hell he's called is the dullest comedian on this planet. He's so dull that he has no material to make jokes of so he decided to make a play on rape. Vacuous brainless twat that he is.
Rape is not funny. It is not something to be joked about.
I don't care if you bought her heaven and Jupiter or spent all your lean change on her, she doesn't owe you sex.
"She ate my money and said she won't do. Omo, I will force her o"
Uncle, you are stupid. The only thing that needs to be forced open is your head so common sense can be poured into it.
If consent is too difficult a word for you to understand, surely you must know the meaning of NO.
It's 2 freaking letters. NO.
NO means keep your penis to yourself. I no want. Tenkiu.

Nkiru Njoku, head writer of popular TV series, Tinsel took to her Facebook page to express her fury
‘I just watched a video which was supposed to be a comedy skit, where an idiot called Baba De Baba – a comedian, opines that it is okay to have forceful sex with a girl if she refuses to have sex with you after having slept in your bed and ‘chopped your money’. If you know Baba De Baba, please help me tell him that the thunder that will fire him is not on a ketogenic diet.
It eats carbs, and it will fire him from his scrotal sack, up to his jaw, shoot him into the sky and then plummet him into the bush where his eyeglasses will scatter and he will not see road to come out for days!
And then bush animals will forcefully sleep with him for refusing them sex after sleeping in their bed of green grass for some hours.
What an idiot. Comedian? Idiot!’ she wrote.
The comedian in question, after all the attention his ridiculous joke has gotten him, has locked his Instagram account and now has ‘#SayNoToRape’ on his bio.
What a lousy attempt at correcting his mistake.

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