Friday 27 January 2017

Murderer Who Stabbed Girlfriend To Death At Enfield Home After Row Over Dog Jailed For Life


A killer who stabbed his girlfriend to death after a row over a dog has been jailed for life.
Gavin Wilson, 42, knifed Lindsey Smith, of the same age, in the stomach after the couple were spotted arguing about their pet outside their home in Enfield.
Wilson, who has a history of domestic violence, was found guilty of murder at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday and was jailed for life on Wednesday - with a recommended minimum term of 20 years.

Neighbours told police they had seen the couple rowing outside their house on the afternoon of March 11.
They went inside their house at about 5pm - which is when the prosecution said the attack took place - and shortly after, Wilson left.
He returned to the couple’s home at 11pm and neighbours told officers he was “visibly distressed”.
He stood outside saying "she's gone, my missus has gone…she's gone, she's so cold".
The Police and London Ambulance Service were called and found Ms Smith’s body on the sofa with a bruised and swollen face and stab wounds to the stomach.
A knife was found in the kitchen next to smears of blood.
She was pronounced dead at the scene.
Wilson initially told police that he had returned home and found his girlfriend dead but officers arrested him on suspicion of murder.
He continued to deny murder but police interviews with friends showed Wilson had lied about his movements that day.
Detective Inspector Paul Considine said: "There was a history of domestic abuse between Wilson and Lindsey and on this particular day tensions boiled over and resulted in Wilson stabbing his girlfriend to death.
"He then lied to try to cover his tracks but evidence gathered by officers disproved his account and I am pleased at his conviction."

Via - Evening standard

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