Friday 27 January 2017

Four Actual Real Bra Technologies - 'Smart Bra' Claims To Only Unhook For 'True Love' [Photos+Video]

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The Bra That Unhooks For True Love

Yes. You read that correctly. Japanese company Ravijour invented a concept piece (as in, not for purchase thank God) earlier this year. Basically, the bra measures your heart rate and then unhooks in the front when that heart rate falls in line with what this company deems is true love. It is aptly called the True Love Tester. Here is the video explaining all the “science”:

The Bra That Prevents Stress Eating

via NDTV Gadgets

Microsoft has developed a bra that uses a GRASP (yes) board and sensors to detect when the wearer is feeling stress. If it works as well as other Microsoft products, that means it doesn’t do that at all. Ostensibly, the benefit of such a bra is to prevent stress eating by letting the user know that they’re stressed. 
I have my own internal sensors for this, such as the splitting behind-the-eye headache and a few external sensors as well — the fact that I had an entire chocolate cake in the fridge and now it’s not there anymore. But hey, this is probably an opportunity for my boobs to get the blue screen of death for no reason. Plus it could probably be used for other purposes when it does work, being that the bra measures heart rate and respiration, along with a few other metrics. Probably more worthy purposes than telling woman not to eat things. We have all of everything else in the world to do that.

The Bra That Brags On Twitter

This bra tweets when it’s unhooked. When I first heard about the existence of this bra, I was basically like nooooo, whyyyyy? But then I read further and it turns out that it was created by a Greek ad agency, OgilvyOne Athens, and it was just one—not mass produced. It was worn last October by TV personality Maria Bakodimou to promote breast self-exam awareness, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Each time I unhook it, the bra automatically sends a tweet. Reminding women of their breast self exam,” said Bakodimou. “Our mission? To deliver the life-saving message to everyone!” The campaign is long over, but you can still see the tweets @TweetingBra.

The App That Will Help You Get a Bra

The only thing in this round up that’s consumer technology and the only thing that is useful —if you hate shopping and going to malls as much as I do, you may be interested to know that heading to your local purveyor of bras isn’t the only way to make sure yours fits and to purchase new ones. Third love is an online lingerie shop with an app that will size you up with the help of a few chesticle selfies. The app is free and the bras are not super expensive (they don’t, however, go higher than a DD. But they do half sizes in the cup and unusual band sizes!). The bras are also pretty and they have matching panties too!

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