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774 Local Governments; Nigeria’s Biggest Fraud - Tola Adeniyi

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A litany of frauds came up in the wake of Lugardo-Fulani colonialism of Nigeria in 1914. And progressively from then came several other frauds which were perpetrated in furtherance of the grand design of complete domination and degradation of the 400+ nationalities that hitherto existed in freedom and political wellness before the roguish Amalgamation.

Let me declare from the outset that the peoples of the Fulani Colony erroneously called Nigeria shall no longer keep quiet in the face of political strangulation. Peoples of this God-given territory which had existed before the great-great-grandfather of Lugard was born; existed long before any Fulani man ever set his foot on this generously fertile land; even long before the Anglo-Saxons survived their invasion by the barbarians; long before any country called Great or small Britain evolved are prepared more than ever before to fight for their freedom and emancipation.

The peoples of the land are no longer interested in palliatives or political cover-ups, or deceitful promises and patch-ups. There shall be no ‘No Go’ areas. There would be no issue that cannot be exposed and discussed openly. All institutions created to bamboozle the rest of this colonized territory shall be exposed for what they are, and shall be dismantled one after another and shall be completely extirpated. This land must be free and shall be free in our lifetime.

Hausas, regardless of several years of inter-ethnic marriages shall be free. Hausas did not have emirs as their traditional rulers. The Jukums, the Zango Kataf people, the Lantangs, the Tivs, the Idomas, the Igalas, the Mubi people, the Igbos, the Yoruba, the Izons, the Ibibios, the Anangs, the Edos, and the entire 350+ ethnic nationalities, in fact nation-states in their own rights were ruled and led by their own traditional rulers in accordance with their age-old cherished cultures and norms. And they lived in peace!

Right from inception, the so-called Amalgamation from the magic cap of Lugard and his collaborators gave the conquered territory a legislative arrangement that would in perpetuity yield power and control to the hitherto conquered Protectorate by the Fulani. As at that time the whole of the Northern Protectorate was in the grip of the Fulani caliphate.
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It is in furtherance of that legislative trick that the land called Nigeria was broken without regard to any convincing and equitable parameters to 12 states and graduated to 36 weaklings that require feeding bottle from whoever is the head of the Colony in Abuja to breathe. 36 states were created by calculated design that all the federating [sorry, forcibly conjoined] nation states would never unite to free themselves or return the North and South Protectorates to status quo ante.

We cannot talk of several other designs at subjugation and degradation of all the nationalities in the colony meant to serve the narrow goal of our internal slave drivers. The Federal Character chatter meant to destroy Merit, the JAMB designed also to tamper with merit and destroy the educational advancement of the rest of the territory, the control of education from the Unitary Centre, the centralisation of Railways, Electricity, Waterways, Land Possession and Usage, the centralisation of the Police, and the over- centralisation of several other schedules that should normally be prerogatives of each nation state in a normal federation were all dubiously crafted into a military style constitution that had castrated the entire polity.

The biggest of the frauds is the 774 local governments created by the Internal Colonial Masters [ITM] without any known yardstick or parameter, and simply created by military fiat and incredibly inserted into the Constitution. While some local governments were as large as the nation of the Gambia, some other locations were not as large in size as the palm of our hand! And to add insult to the injury, Local Governments are one of the bases for sharing revenue in the so called country!

It is a known fact that there are local government headquarters in this Internal Colony that cannot boast of a secondary school simply because such places and where they are headquarters of should not have been carved into a local government when there are some local governments in the South that have over 500 schools!

The 774 Local Governments are about the greatest political fraud in this Fulani Colony and must be dismantled. In the first instance creation of local Governments anywhere in the world is NOT done by the government at the centre. Local Governments are determined by regional governments in a federation. The regional governments can be called states or provinces or what-have-you. Local Councils as they were called in those days when Nigeria [whatever the word means] still allowed a measure of autonomy to the regions were created by the Eastern, Western and Northern Governments.

Whenever, and that should be soon, those who have ears to hear and those who have the minute knowledge of history submit to force of reason decide to come to a round table to first agree to dismantle this unworkable internal colonialism, the 774 local governments should be the first item to go.

For now, let us stop using the lopsided and evil local governments as one of the parameters for sharing the revenue of this land. Closely allied to this is the very insulting thought that recruitment into the Unitary police force is going to be based on local governments. The North alone has 419 local governments while the entire south has 355. The peoples of this territory called Nigeria should read Annkio Briggs recent posting on Revenue Sharing in Nigeria. It is a pathetic tale!

Ibadan and Kano alone require more than half a million police personnel each. Lagos with its 22 million populations according to world statistics sources requires more than 1 million police. This bogus imperialist Federal Character nonsense must stop.

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