Monday, 25 December 2017

Heartwarming Moment Nervous Meghan Markle Is Put At Ease By Princes William And Harry AS She Prepares To Curtsy For The Queen

Meghan gave an emphatic curtsy, dipping lower than Kate Middleton as Princes William and Harry bowed their heads
Meghan Markle sought comfort in her prince and his brother on Monday as she pulled off her first public appearance and curtsy as a soon-to-be member of the Royal family.

With an unsure smile and a firm grip on Harry's arm, the Californian actress emerged from St Mary Magdalene Church in a huddle of future in-laws.

As the Queen led the charge with Prince Philip teetering closely behind, Meghan stayed in her lane next to Prince William and her fiancé.

Unversed in the Sandringham Christmas Day order of events, Meghan, 36, was put at ease by both Harry and William who seemed to offer words of encouragement and pointers as they left the church.  

And despite the training and etiquette tips, she has no doubt revised since accepting Harry's proposal and her experience in the spotlight as an actress, the star appeared nervous as she waited for the big moment.

When the time came, Meghan dipped emphatically with her head bowed, giving a wholehearted effort as the crowds watched.  
Meghan quickly reached for Harry's arm once the Queen was settled in her car. She was instantly more at ease and returned to small talk with Prince William 

Quickly springing upright again, barely a second went by before her gloved hand was reaching for Harry's arm again. 

Once interlinked, he led her to a wheelchair-ridden well-wisher who had waited in the cold to wish the couple a Merry Christmas. 

The pair then accepted bouquets from fans as they walked back to Sandringham House.

Meghan, with her first curtsy behind her and a day of formal festivities ahead, seemed to loosen up as she greeted and accepted gifts from well-wishers. 

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