Tuesday, 26 December 2017

PHOTOS: Woman Shares Photos Of Her 4 Boys After Doctors Said She Can't Have Children

Many times, we give up on God because of reports from medical practitioners but hope is the story of this woman, Oyinkansola O, who was told she didn't have enough eggs but gave birth to four boys. 

Her story is inspiring and it should challenge people to expect even when the circumstance doesn't encourage it. She shared photos of her four boys with herself and her husband to appreciate the goodness of God for the blessing of a family he gave to her. 

Read her post below;

"So many blessings are mine, not so much coz I deserve them or did anything special. My God out of his infinite mercy has just been great to me. He has blessed me beyond belief and measure. I remember being told I didn’t have enough eggs, but my God of more than enough blessed me with a double. He blessed me with twins unexpectedly and unplanned for. I remember hearing “you are pregnant again?” “Why” “when will you finish school?” “When will you marry?” But when Baba God is involved, he aligns everything. 

Your mistakes fall into pleasant places. He gives you beauty for ashes, He turns your sorrow into joy. This is my story, this is my song, this is my joy, this is my family!!! From my family to your merry Christmas and a happy new year. #queeningwithmykings @officialeragbae you are exceptional thanks for making my boys look GQ, your customer service is outstanding! God bless the work of your hands. @onafabrics @buifabrics God bless you all"

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