Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Donald Trump’s Wife, Melania ‘Refuses To Hold His Hand’ Again In Public. (Photos+Video)

Donald Trump has been caught in another awkward exchange with wife Melania . The President and First Lady were walking to a jet when NBC News captured Trump appearing to try and grab his wife’s hand and then, when he failed, moving her out of the way to get closer to the TV cameras.
The shows that Melania’s long yellow coat was draped over her shoulders and her arms tucked inside.
But Trump didn’t seem to notice his wife’s hands were completely out of reach and appears to try and grab one.
When he failed to get hold of her he stopped suddenly and appeared to awkwardly move her out of the way so he could wave to journalists instead.

After some seconds standing together, the pair made their way to the plane and headed to Ohio.
The odd encounter didn’t go unnoticed.
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