Monday 23 April 2018

10 Ways To Cut Wedding Catering Costs With These Clever Ideas

Check out our top ten ways to save money on catering.
Have it at the back of your mind that, some people attend weddings of people they don’t know just to eat party Jollof. Therefore, except your security is on a 100% game, no matter how much you spend, some people will still complain.
Feeding your guests don’t have to blow your budget!

10 Ways To Cut Wedding Catering Costs With These Clever Ideas
(Victoria Kitchen)
Learn how to save money on wedding catering with a few quick tips for affordability.
1. Cost per head
Set a budget per head and multiply it by the number of invited guest. Do a little extra just in case. You can set between N800- N1500 per head depending on your budget.
2. Go for cheaper “protein”
If you can’t afford chickens and turkeys, you can do beef and fish. As long as the food is presentable and sweet, you’ll be alright.
3. Serve smaller portions
You don’t have to mount large portions. Serve decent portions or even small portions of food. You can support rice with moimoi so it is more filling.
4. Use smaller bowls/plates

Sometimes, the size of bowls/plates people use at events make the food look ridiculously small. Tell your caterer to come with small but cute wares/
5. Use a caterer
Yes, this sounds expensive, but on the long run, it really isn’t. It will also save you the stress of going to the market and also the worry of your guests not getting food to eat. As long as you stick to your guest list, you shouldn’t have too much complains- complains are very normal and expected at weddings. Don’t let it get to you or turn you into a Bridezilla.
6. Skip the side dish
No need for salads, small chops, plantain and what have you. Stick to the main course.
7. Focus on fewer choices
Rice and a few swallows. If you serve 15 different dishes, trust our Naija people, we will finish it all and clean our mouths. LOL.
8. Forget the cake cut outs
Your two or three tiered cake is enough. Forget the cut outs.
9. Soft drinks works
Champagne? Booze stand? Cocktails? Those are cash consuming demons at events. Soft drinks, juice and water served chilled is good enough. If you must, you can have a few bottles of wine available for VVVVVIP. Exactly, count the number of Vs.
10. No takeaways
After eating enough, some guests will still be looking for ways to take home. Try as much as possible not to have takeaway plates closeby.

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