Saturday 28 April 2018

Heartbreaking Picture Of Orphaned Siblings Holding Hands In Hospital, As They See Each Other For The First Time Since A Horror Crash Which Killed Their Parents And Baby Sister

Orphaned Texas siblings hold hands in hospital

Clemens siblings Angie, eight, and Zachary, five, saw each other for the first time on Tuesday since the April 7 crash which killed their parents Jim, 31, Karisa, 29, and their eight-week-old sister Juliana (shown right). The family was driving in their SUV in San Angelo, Texas when another driver lost control of her car and ploughed into them. Also in the car was two-year-old Nicholas, who suffered minor injuries, and four-year-old Wyatt (top left) who is still in the hospital with his two older siblings. 

All three children have been in wheelchairs until recently when Wyatt was able to walk for the first time. Zachary has a broken back and Angie has severe brain injuries. Jim and Karisa were devoted parents and devout Christians, their friends said. Their relatives have stepped in to look after the children and are fundraising to help pay their medical bills. 

The Clemens family: Karisa, 29, holding baby Juliana with father Jim, 31, behind her. All three died on April 7. Nicholas, two, (middle) survived and has been released from hospital. Zachary is shown (front) with his sister Angie behind him and Wyatt behind herĂ‚ 

Earlier this month, Angie and Wyatt were able to blow kisses to one another when their relatives put their wheelchairs facing one another in the hospital. 

Zachary, who has a broken back, has however been too unwell to get out of bed until this week when doctors were able to put him in a wheelchair for the first time to bring him to his older sister. 

Two fundraisers have been set up to help pay for the children's medical bills. Together, they have raised $130,000.  They can be found here and here.

The children suffered extensive injuries and are still considered to be in critical condition. 

Angie suffered brain injuries, according to one relative who shared the heartbreaking photograph of her comforting her little brother earlier in the week. 

'This is Zachary and Angie,' wrote Teresa Burrell. 'They are able to touch each other for the first time since the accident. 

Wyatt and Angie saw each other for the first time last week and blew kisses to each other from their wheelchairsZachary, who has a broken back, lost his first tooth in hospital. His relatives gave him money from 'the tooth fairy' afterwards

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