Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Bride And Groom Ask Guests To Take Hay Fever Medication Before Wedding

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A mother has revealed that a bride and groom asked their guests to take hay fever medication before attending their wedding, in order to prevent an outbreak of sneezing during the ceremony. 

Writing on a thread on Mumsnet, the wedding invitee asked for other members on the site to disclose whether they thought this was a reasonable request.

“‘Please remember to take some piriton before arriving. The pollen count will be high and the last thing I want is sneezing during the ceremony.’ Paraphrased but similar tone,” the mother wrote.

“I can’t work out if it’s unreasonable to ask your guests to medicate themselves so they don’t sniffle.”

Some people found the request preposterous, stating that they found the idea “bonkers”.

“Hahaha! God I love how loopy weddings make people,” one person wrote.

The invitee revealed further details about the invitation in the comments, stating that the bride and groom had provided an “A4’s worth of extra information” that included “bullet points.”

Is it reasonable for a wedding invitation to request guests take hay fever medication prior to the ceremony? (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“What is it about weddings that turn people into control freaks?!” she wrote.

“I love her but she’s being a nutter.”

One person commented that they believe that a bride and groom warning their guests that their allergies could cause havoc during a summer wedding is fair enough, but specifically demanding that they take certain medication is taking things a step too far.

“Maybe the wording could have been less aggressive though,” they suggested.

In 2016, online wedding planner Bridebook unveiled that the most popular wedding date for 2018 as recorded at the time was Saturday August 18, during the height of summer.

According to Nasal Guard, as many as one in four individuals in the UK suffer from hay fever allergies.

With the summer wedding season fast approaching, perhaps it’s a fairly wise idea to pack some antihistamines in your bag when you attend outdoor nuptials.

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