Tuesday 24 April 2018

Watch Video: Mugabe Nephew’s ‘Coup’ Joke Gets Interesting Response From Uncle Bob

Mugabe’s nephew jokingly took jabs at Mugabe about the ‘coup’ and quickly spotted his uncle’s response.

A video of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe not laughing to a “coup” joke made by his nephew has been doing the rounds on social media.
In the video, 94-year-old Mugabe initially seems asleep. His nephew, Leo Mugabe, however, cracks a joke about his own axing from his position as the former chairperson of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA).
Leo says he only found out about the axing from journalists while on an official trip in Nigeria, adding he was “also” removed through a coup.
He adds he was surprised at journalists wanting comment about him stepping down from the position.
A roar of laughter surrounds the Mugabe family table as the people react to Leo’s anecdote.
Mugabe, however, seemed unimpressed by the joke. It is still unclear when the video was taken, but it shows family members nervously laughing at the joke while Mugabe disapproves.
Mugabe’s reign as the head of state of Zimbabwe officially ended in November last year.

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