Thursday 11 July 2019

I Work With LAWMA, But Rob At Night, Says Suspect

I work with LAWMA, but rob at night, says suspect

Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a worker with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) for alleged robbery.

The suspect, Steven Donatus (20), confessed that he used to work in LAWMA during day time, while at night he would go for robbery operations.

He said: “It was true I partook in the operation. I work with LAWMA in the morning, while at night I go for a robbery operation. We were about to rob a cyclist at Oyingbo when we saw policemen and we took to our heels.”

Donatus said that on the fateful day of his arrest, he returned from an operation and was about to rest when he discovered his wife was feverish. He decided to go and buy medicine for her.

He said: “I went out to buy drugs for her, not knowing policemen were waiting for me at home. When I saw them, I thought of running, but knew they would shoot me. I didn’t run. They allowed me to give my wife her medicine. Thereafter, I was arrested; right in the presence of my wife and son.

“The day I was arrested was the saddest day of my life. My wife and son were crying, but my wife didn’t know the type of work I was doing. She thought that I made my money only through LAWMA work. I want my wife and son to forgive me.”

Donatus was arrested along with Paul Daniel (28) and Muhammed Saliu (28).

Daniel, who came to Lagos two years ago, said that he was a commercial bus driver in Plateau State, but had to turn his attention to robbery after he discovered that money from transportation business was not too fantastic.

He said: “When I got to Lagos, I started sleeping in a friend’s shop at Mile 12 Market. In the morning, I work as a cart pusher, at night I go out to rob. I was going for robbery operations alone for three months without being arrested.

“Whenever I was going for an operation, I dress haggardly and would wrap my locally-made pistol in a dirty suit. I then keep everything inside a nylon bag to make people believe that I was returning from the market. It was proceeds I made from the robbery operation that I used to rent an apartment.

“What I thought when I was coming to Lagos was that within two months, I would have become a wealthy person. But it was not easy to rob in Lagos.  It was during my operation that I came across these two people that are working with me now. I regret coming to Lagos. If I had known, I would have remained in Plateau State. I was arrested on June 24, when we were about to rob a cyclist of his motorcycle at Oyingbo area of the state. Immediately we saw policemen, we ran in different directions. After I escaped from the scene, we met at Mile 12. I gave the pistol to Muhammed to keep.”

Saliu, on his part, denied participating in the robbery operation.

He said: “We are only friends; I’m surprised about Daniel’s statement. I was in my barbing salon shop at Mile 12, when I saw Daniel with a nylon bag. He handed it over to me, to keep for him. He promised to collect it the following day. The following day, which was Friday, I was waiting for him to come for it.

“To my surprise, three policemen walked straight into my shop and asked me about a pistol. I told them I didn’t have any gun with me. When the policemen threatened to shoot me, it was then I brought out the nylon bag. When the policemen opened the nylon, to my astonishment, a pistol was brought out. At that point, there was nothing I could do. I still don’t know how the policemen knew I had gun with me. I regret associating with Daniel. I don’t know anything about the pistol.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Muazu Zubairu, who presented the suspects to journalists, said that they would soon be charged to court. He warned robbers to think twice before coming into Lagos State.

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