Monday 8 July 2019

Undergraduate Student Nabbed While Trying To Use Course-mate For Ritual (Photos+Video)

Image result for A Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) student was apprehended last night, after he tried using a fellow student for money ritual.
A Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) student was apprehended last night after he tried using a fellow student for money ritual. 
Upon interrogation, the student of Biological Science who was nabbed at a student's lodge, Bliss Mansion in Umuchima, Imo State, said that he engaged in the ritual so that his fraudulent scheme on the internet is popularly known as yahoo-yahoo will go smoothly. 

FUTO student nabbed while trying to use coursemate for ritual

Recounting how the incident occurred, Daniel, a final year student of Biological Science and the ritualist's victim said his ordeal began after he took him (ritualist) in after his claim of being arrested by the police. 
 "He called me at late hours of the night appealing to me to allow him sleep over at my place. I sent him the address of my place and when he came, he narrated to me how he was arrested by the police and the other stories afterwards. He told me that he doesn't want more troubles, so he decided to lie low at my place.
He insisted I go get him something to eat, I had to borrow #200 from my lodge mate and on my way, i started asking myself why would he be insisting I get him something knowing how dangerous, Umuchima can be at night but I only prayed to God to take control. I cooked for him but he refused to eat, saying that I put something in the food which I didn't.
FUTO student nabbed while trying to use coursemate for ritual
Some minutes past 12:00am, he came to the bed telling me that the music I was playing was disturbing him, because he hasn't slept for about 2days. Suddenly he started making incarnations, I initially thought it was funny not until he started asking me why I haven't slept off yet, I told him I would sleep when the time comes.
Although secretly, I was praying. At 2:00am he started beating me up and when I was shouting, he told me that no one can hear my voice. I struggled with him for so long, destroying the property in my room. At 2:30am, my lodge mates started coming for my rescue and by God's grace, I could open the door for them.
He also told me that his plan was that in the morning, he would collect money and when he use it".Information gathered was  that the young man is also a cultist but was using people for rituals for the sole purpose of his yahoo plus activity. "
It was further gathered that the ritualist suspect has been handed over to DSS, for further investigations and judgement. Here is a video of the suspect being paraded by the school's Man O'War officials below; 

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