Tuesday 27 August 2019

Austrheim Sinks: Disaster At Sea, Sad Day For Nigerian Businessmen & Travellers

At least three people died after a ferry belonging to Cameroon’s shipping company Achouka sank off Cameroon’s Atlantic coast Sunday evening, according to local authorities.

About 200 passengers were on board the ferry, which left neighboring Nigeria and was heading to Tiko wharf in Cameroon’s Southwest region, a Cameroon navy official who preferred not to be named said.

More than 100 people were rescued from the ferry by the navy and about 90 others are still missing, according to officials. Search and rescue efforts continued late Sunday.

It is still unclear what caused the ferry to sink but preliminary investigations showed it encountered rough weather.

A Woman Wrote on her Facebook Timeline...

I write this with a lot of pain and grief. This was a bad one.

I woke up to a call yesterday of a loved one calling me and panting over the phone. I was like sister what's the problem? she shouted Amen upon hearing my voice.
I too, scared had to ask her again what the problem was?

She said that a vessel named Austrheim just sank at sea and knowing I do a lot of business with that route, she just had to call to make sure she loved one was not in it!

Actually, I did not travel due to improper schedules of the arrival of some of my commodities, making it impossible for my commodities to meet up with the departure time of this particular vessel.
I was mad!!! little did I know that I was about to be saved of a huge financial loss that would have crippled me financially and put me in turmoil.
Every disappointment is indeed a blessing like people say.

At this point, I just have to believe my mom's prayers actually works!

I was speechless, my heart fell in my stomach because I knew what it meant for me. Lots of money and lives lost!people have perished and livelihoods lost.

But at this point money isn't important but we should all give a moment of silence to the hustling men and women trying to make a living for themselves in those waters.

It left Calabar on Saturday morning heading for Tiko, Cameroon and never made it. It actually sank in the Bakassi peninsula.

A word from survivors says it ran aground due to the captain's negligence and incompetence.

106 people have been rescued so far and I have started seeing missing person pictures of people I know too well and all I could do now is hope it is not what I think yet.

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