Thursday 29 August 2019

BBNaija: Tacha Kneels Down To Apologise To Biggie

Biggie, on Sunday, issued a second strike to housemate Tacha for disrespecting authority.

Tacha was issued the strike after Biggie played videos of her disobeying the house rules.

Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge and played several videos of Tacha’s disrespect to authority and fellow housemates.

Biggie also said Tacha undermined the world of Big Brother. Tacha had two weeks ago received her first strike for provocation.

During a diary session yesterday in the video, Tacha who is closed to the Verge of being disqualified goes down on her knees to apologized to Biggie for undermining his instructions and been disrespectful.

In her world;

Biggie, I'm very sorry for being disrespectful and undermining your words, please I don't feel worthy to a seat.

Biggie says to her, Tacha please rise you are in the Big Brother House.

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Tacha feels sorry about going against Biggie's rules and hopes to live better in the #BBNaijaHouse.

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