Tuesday 12 May 2020

Nigerian Hotelier And De Santos Hotel Boss Mr Anthony Ezeunara Executed In Indonesia For Drug Trafficking

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A shocking scenario pervaded the entire precinct of the popular Lagos 3-Star hospitality outfit, De Santos Hotels.

A Nigerian hotelier from Igbo extraction  Mr Anthony Ezeunara De Santos Hotel Boss was executed in Indonesia on Thursday for being in possession of 158kg of cocaine, 
The Nigerian Hotelier And Owner of Santos Hotel In Akowonjo And Awka Executed In Indonesia For Cocaine Trafficking

This is the last moments of a Nigerian who was caught in possession of 158kg of Cocaine in Indonesia. His name will not be mentioned here for legal reasons but he hails from Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria and is said to be a hotelier in the commercial city of Awka where he owns one of the best Hotels.

BREAKING!!! Nigerian Man Executed In Indonesia Over Drug(photos ...
The game was up for him early Thursday Morning as Narcotics police following a tip-off intercepted him in Jakarta red-handed on his way to close a deal.

Without hesitation, his arrangement before a court was done where he was found guilty & promptly executed. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China to name a few don't mess about with Drug trafficking. If you are caught you will be summarily executed no begging, no appeal, no diplomatic interventions, no Nothing.

Ironically its these countries that offer the most rewards for the drug traffickers, that is probably why they find it so hard despite the risk to stay away. The rewards are too tempting.

According to report trending online, the man who is from Anambra State built a beautiful Hotel in Awka which was opened last year November.

BREAKING!!! Nigerian Man Executed In Indonesia Over Drug(photos ...

“De Santos Hotel Chairman has no business interests in Indonesia. His businesses cut across aluminium, real estates, hospitality and farming and are all based in Nigeria.
Killing Of De Santos Hotel Boss, Anthony Ezeunara: The True Story ...
He floated his first company, Tonnel Investments, Ezeunara has been able to grow his business and expands into hospitality with chains of hotels —De Santos Hotels, Akowonjo been his first.

He recently opened another branch of De Santos Hotel in Awka, Anambra State and plans are in top gear to expand to Enugu and Abuja among other places in Nigeria
De Santos Hotel Boss Is Still Alive - Crime - Nigeria

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