Friday 28 June 2013

Dogs Dressed Like Their Owners - Photographer Sebastian Magnani's Amazing Portraits

Via - Mirror

They say that dogs look like their owners and thanks to some clever photoshop trickery these four-legged friends really do.
Photographer Sebastian Magnani has spliced together canine faces onto their owners' bodies as part of a series of pictures called 'Underdogs'.
The 27-year-old said: "I first started the project in August 2009. As soon as I had the idea, it had pretty much already been realised, namely to photograph dogs with their owners.
"So where does this striking resemblance between dog and owner come from? Does the "underdog" really rank himself lower, even visually?

"I like the idea of hierarchy in different ways like the system, politics and all this stuff in combination.
“That was really important for the name for this project; in both a psychological and philosophical way.
"Dogs are considered loyal, selfless, trustworthy, life saving, fun and proud companions in a world where these values are gradually disappearing.
"It is undisputed that the canines not only stir emotions and interest, but also our inner most needs.

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