Thursday 27 June 2013

Female Employee Raped 3 Times in 30 Days by Supervisor

Ms. Hu, her children and hermother-in-law are at the front gate of the factory.
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Recently, a supervisor in Dawangshan Xingyun Product Factory of Shajing County is suspected of raping a female employee. The victim claims she was too afraid to report it to the police, and only after her husband felt something was wrong with her [behavior] at home after she had been forced to have sexual relations three times did she finally reveal what happened. April 7, family members of the victim went to the factory demanding an explanation, with the factory claiming that they too feel very helpless that something like this happened, and both parties currently in negotiations. From

This picture [above] is of the hysterical female employee, who had just been crying in her mother-in-law’s arms a moment ago but suddenly got up to charge into the factory, her mother-in-law unable to restrain her.

Ms. Hu is acting hysterically.
The victim Ms. Hu is an employee it the Quality Department of Dawangshan Xingyun Product Factory in Shajing County. Ms. Hu is 26 years old, having come to Shenzhen from her hometown in Henan 7-8 years ago to work, where she met her husband Mr. Wei, with whom the two have a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-and-half-year-old son. Yesterday [April 7] afternoon, Ms. Hu and her husband along with the husband’s mother and their two children came to the factory demanding an explanation. Ms. Hu was a little hysterical at the scene, and the husband’s mother was half lying at the front gate of the factory, muttering something to herself. The person in charge of the factory wasn’t in the office. Ms. Hu and her family were unsatisfied with the factory’s attitude, and for a time had run up to the rooftop of the factory.
Ms. Hu is crying in her mother-in-law's arms.
March 14, Wang [the supervisor] asked Ms. Hu to bring the products which didn’t pass inspection to the hotel room where he was staying. As soon as Ms. Hu entered Wang’s room, Wang locked the door and grabbed Ms. Hu, demanding that she have sex with him. Ms. Hu says she resisted with all her strength at the time, but Wang used “force” hitting her causing her mouth to bleed. Ms. Hu, without a choice, had sexual relations with Wang. Due to Wang not using contraception during sex, “afterward he had me go buy contraception ["morning-after pill"]”. March 20, after returning to Shenzhen from Qingyuan, Wang once again demanded her to have sex with him. April 3, at about 9pm, when the machines at the factory manufacturing workshop had stopped, here Ms. Hu was pressed against the machine by the department supervisor Mr. Wang and had intercourse with him for the third time.
Ms. Hu is acting hysterically.
“She was afraid that I would kill her, so she didn’t dare tell me.” Talking about his wife’s incident, the husband Mr. Wei was very upset. He believes that because his wife was once raped in the factory, the factory bears a certain joint responsibility. It has been revealed that he plans to divorce his wife after this incident has been resolved.
Ms. Hu is trying to commit sucide by jumping off building.
Ms. Hu wanting to commit suicide by jumping off the building after being deeply hurt.

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