Thursday 27 June 2013

Nelson Mandela’s condition has ‘gone down’ in the last 48 hours warns presidential spokesman as South Africa prepares to say farewell

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Nelson Mandela is said to be on life support and his condition has continued to deteriorate over the past few days.
In South Africa's Eastern Cape province, where Mandela grew up, a traditional leader said the time was near for Mandela, who is also known by his clan name, Madiba.
'I am of the view that if Madiba is no longer enjoying life, and is on life support systems, and is not appreciating what is happening around him, I think the good Lord should take the decision to put him out of his suffering,' said the tribal chief, Phathekile Holomisa.

'I did speak to two of his family members, and of course, they are in a lot of pain, and wish that a miracle might happen, that he recovers again, and he becomes his old self again,' he said.
'But at the same time they are aware there is a limit to what miracles you can have.'
A presidential spokesman told the state broadcaster: 'Over the past 48 hours, the condition of former president Madiba has gone down.'
A South African newspaper has also reported  the anti-Apartheid icon is on life support,  citing numerous sources close to the family.
The Citizen newspaper says Mr Mandela has a team of doctors supporting him at a Pretoria hospital.
One source was quoted as saying that his family had the option to switch off the ventilator.
South African President Jacob Zuma cancelled a trip to neighbouring Mozambique, intensifying speculation about the deterioration of Mr Mandela's condition.
Zuma made his decision not to leave the country after visiting the 94-year-old late yesterday in the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving treatment for a lung infection for nearly three weeks.
'Clearly the issue of seriousness has been such that President Jacob Zuma has cancelled his trip,' presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj told Talk Radio 702.
He declined to comment on reports that Mandela was on life support, saying: 'I cannot confirm any clinical details.'
CNN  also reported that the former president could no longer breathe unaided, quoting  an official who 'had been briefed in detail on his condition'.
George Bizos, one of Mr Mandela's closest friends and his former lawyer, told  The Daily Telegraph  that they had never discussed his wishes towards the end of his life.
'We can only hope for the best, and that is what the doctors decide to do,' he said. 'I am sure that the members of the family are discussing the matter with the doctors but it should probably be primarily the doctors in consultation with the family if the situation is critical.'
Last night a leading clergyman visited Nelson Mandela's bedside to offer prayers for his 'peaceful, perfect end'.
Thabo Makgoba, the Archbishop of Cape Town, issued an emotional statement asking that the former president of South Africa, who is in a critical condition, be released from pain and suffering.
However, Mr Mandela apparently opened his eyes and smiled when he was told about Barack Obama's forthcoming visit to the country, according to his daughter.

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