Tuesday 25 June 2013

Mother Explains How Her Baby Died In A Bucket, Cops Not Completely Convinced

Today, 19 year old Tanya Leslie has nothing but regrets. On Friday afternoon, at around 1:00 she had been sleeping with her two sons, Damion, two and Kyle,1 at her home on Mahogany Street when she stepped out briefly.
Tanya Leslie
"I got a phone call and they told me to come outside for the money and when I was out there I realized that only one of my sons was by the door. I went back into the kitchen I saw my son in the bucket and I pulled him out. I squeezed his stomach and I saw that water came out of his mouth like he was choking water and he was still alive. I ran out of the house and ran into a taxi and the taxi had four persons. He took me to the hospital and he blew and blew his horn through the streets and he was telling me to wake him up and I was shaking him to wake him up. When I got to the hospital I ran straight inside and to a doctor. The doctor took him in and by that time his mouth already had foam. About ten doctors were around attending to the baby and after a while I saw that they put the thing around his mouth and they pumped him for ten minutes. After that they took it off and they told me that he didn't make it and they made me hold him. When I was holding him he still looked like he was alive. After that they took him to the morgue."

Jules Vasquez
"How long were you outside?"
Tanya Leslie
"Probably like five minutes because when I got the money from him I asked him if I could have gotten $10 out of the money because every week he gives me $50 so he told me ok but that would have come out of my money. I went inside and that was when I found Damion by the door and my son in the bucket."
He fell into this bucket that the police were seen removing from the house. It is used for wash-up water because there is no running water in the house.
Jules Vasquez
"How did he fall in - face first?"
Tanya Leslie
"Well I found him with his head in the bucket and his belly was bent over the bucket and they had three cups in the bucket, a picup truck, a car that he liked to play with beside the bucket and behind the truck had water so when they took the picture they noticed he was playing with the water before he drowned."
Jules Vasquez
"Now you have an older child - a two year old. Is he he aware that his brother was there?"
Tanya Leslie
"Yes but he was by the door when I came back in and he was watching him in the bucket. Just now I went to the morgue and I saw him and my son said 'brother, see brother there'"
Right after the child died, Tanya was taken into police custody. She was released with no charges after more than 48 hours.
Tanya Leslie
"When they picked me up on Friday and they detained me - they asked me one question in five different ways and they just said that they would detain me for 48 hours for the complete investigation to be over. When the mobile came for me at the Police station they asked me three questions. They asked "Do you believe in God? I told them 'Yes'. They said 'Do you know when your baby dies that it's a sin'. I told him 'I know it's a sin because I go to church'. So he said that they would release me because they couldn't find any evidence of brutality that I did it."
Phillip Leslie - Uncle of Deceased Kyle Adain Leslie
"Well right now this is the first family member that has died for us and right now it is so sad because it's a little boy and he's only one year old. I'm still feeling it right now, I'm devastated right now."
The post mortem will be conducted tomorrow. Police are waiting for the result because they believe foul play may have been involved, meaning they suspect that it was not an accidental death. Today, Tanya Leslie was detained again and questioned. Precinct commander Superintendent Alford Grinage told us they are still investigating the case and suspect foul play.

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