Tuesday 25 June 2013

PHOTO: Heartless Mother Drowns Newly Born Baby In A Well In Lagos - (Caution! Some may find picture Objectionable)

Yesterday in Isashi Lagos a baby born in the night was drowned by his mother just hours after birth in a gruesome manner.
Sources state they saw the little unlucky child later and when they came for his rescue he was already swollen and floating lifelessly on the surface of the the dim water. Some women don't deserve to be called mothers.
Tears poured from neighbours, especially a young woman who has been trying to have a child for four years to no avail, as the police came to fetch out the baby from the well.

After a quick search by the police the mother's blood and placenta was seen on the ground a couple of meter's away from the scene of the crime.

The main suspect is already on her heels as she was warned by her close friends that the police have been involved.

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