Saturday, 20 September 2014

All Black House In Germany

How do you like this black house in Germany? Do you find it spooky or classy? Could black be the new “it” color when it comes to choosing home exterior color?
Probably not.
This black house in Mohringen, Germany is actually an art installation! The house had been scheduled fordemolition, and the artist wanted to do a tribute to the house before it was bulldozed. Guess what they put up in its place once it was demolished – an art gallery!

While a black house definitely stands out in the crowd, there are definitely downsides. During the summer, your air conditioning bill will be through the roof. It looks like the windows are painted over, so it’d be pretty dark inside. Also, I hope there aren’t any birds nearby that need to go to the bathroom… it would REALLY stand out.
What are some crazy colored houses you’ve found? Comment with a link!Photo: All black house in Germany. wOw !

Gru is that you ;)

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