Thursday, 18 September 2014

Nigerian Islamic Group Rejects Jet & Cash Story, Alleges Grand Conspiracy Against Muslims in Nigeria

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has expressed alarm over the issue of a Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor-owned private jet, loaded with $9.3 million in cash belonging to the Nigerian government, which was seized last weekend by South African authorities.
In a statement signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, the group drew attention to Oritsejafor’s admission that he owns the jet but that it had been hired by Eagle Air in which he has “residual interest”.

“The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is alarmed by this scandalous development,” the statement said.  “We have every reason to reject FG’s explanation and it is hereby rejected.”
It noted that Nigerian Muslims are now enveloped with apprehension, as all the ingredients of a plot are in the story for those who care to look beyond their noses.
“In a country in which two religions are most prominent and are hot rivals of each other, here is the national leader of a religious group who also happens to be the president’s kinsman, an undisguised Muslim hater, a man with a belligerent disposition towards his Muslim neighbours, a man who has been threatening hell and brimstone over the Boko Haram saga. 
“Tie this to the Israeli connection, a country well known for its anti-Muslim and mass murder propensities. It raises more questions than answers.”
It questioned whether the intended arms purchase was really meant for the Nigerian Armed Forces, and what guaranty there was that it was not meant for Niger Delta militants, or Christian crusaders masquerading as Boko Haram.
Professor Ishaq Akintola“Afterall, under-the-table assistance for Boko Haram has been noticed in the past. Where did the arms and food drops for Boko Haram by helicopters come from? Only the Israelis are capable of doing that. MURIC is shocked by the huge amount involved: $9.3 million! Conservatively, $1m is N163m. $9.3m is therefore N1,514,502,583.61 at the current exchange rate of N163 to $1.”

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  1. Whoever this MURIC spoke-person is should be very careful. There is nothing wrong with the FG acquiring weapons to fight boko haram better. If you have anything against that then you are sympathetic to the course of this internationally known terrorist group, boko haram. Even the Muslim Rights Concern should support importation of arms for the fight against boko haram. Please isn't it normal that a religion (christianity) and Nigeria that has had its followers and citizens butchered and slaughtered on an almost daily basis, by another religion (islam) followers, would try to protect themselves? Since the whole boko haram insurgency, the whole MURIC has been suspiciously quiet in fighting the terrorist group. Why exactly is there an outcry because of a clandestine move by Nigeria to protect itself? If a muslim or islamic group was used, is it not obvious where those weapons would have ended up? If the MURIC is not sympathetic to the terrorist group boko haram, lets see them make moves and lend meaningful support towards the eradication of this scourge that has befallen our beloved motherland and not doing calculations for us. When billions were issued in the 80s to turn Nigeria to an islamic country nobody did anything about it. Surprised? Yes, we are not all ignorant to the islamic movement going on all around the world.