Friday, 19 September 2014

SCOTLAND SCOTLAND REJECTS INDEPENDENCE! SNP leaders admit to 'deep disappointment' as Better Together campaign heads for clear victory in referendum

ScotlandThe dream is over for First Minister Alex Salmond, who cancelled an appearance at the Aberdeenshire count before the first result even came in and later arrived at Edinburgh Airport with his wife Moira (right). No campaigners were jubilant (left) as the prospect of an tragic end to the 300-year-old union faded into the twilight. Political pundits across the UK have called the referendum a victory for the 'Better Together' campaign, even before all the votes are in. Tonight there were allegations of 10 electoral fraud cases in Glasgow as voters supposedly turned up to polling station to find they had already voted. Elsewhere in Scotland's biggest city, thousands of Yes campaigners were in party mood in Glasgow's George Square waving Saltires and burning flares - but moods fell as the prospects dimmed (right). More than 4.2million people were able to vote in the referendum, including 16 and 17-year-olds for the first time, and the Queen was following events closely as the night unfolded.Better Together supporters celebrate

Alex Salmond's lifelong battle for Scottish independence ended in crushing failure today, as voters overwhelmingly rejected his bid for separation by 55 per cent to 45.
He hoped to triumph in one of the most extraordinary political battles in British history, but the determination of the people of Scotland means the United Kingdom remains in tact, and Mr Salmond faces the grim prospect of being forced out of office.
In the early hours, the ashen-faced First Minister shunned the cameras to board a private jet from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, contemplating the devastating failure of his efforts to destroy the 307-year-old Union.
Turnout has topped 88 per cent in pro-Union areas, but in the key working-class areas where Yes needed big wins, turnout dropped to the mid-70s. 
David Cameron will seek to exploit the result with an early morning television address today, holding out the prospect of Scottish MPs being excluded from voting on English affairs.
As a Yes campaign rally in George Square in Glasgow fizzled out, officials in the city launched an investigation into 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at polling stations.

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