Tuesday, 16 September 2014


What some women can do for beauty is outrageous and to also think there are some others who wait in the corner for beauty desperate women to be their preys in the name of offering solutions to their vain beauty quest, is just sad;
A Georgia woman has lost her life to fake silicone butt injections, administered a Mississippi woman, who has now been sentenced to life in prison for killing her client.

Tracey Lynn Garner of Jackson is to serve life in jail as decided by a judge in the Hinds County Circuit Court.
Karima Gordon who died as a result of false butt injections, was brought to Jackson, Mississippi by Tracey, prosecution noted.
The defence team decided the case on Friday without allowing a witness to take the stand once the prosecution concluded their case.
According to prosecutors, Gordon and her best friend were referred to Garner by Natasha Stewart, a stripper also known as “Pebbelz Da Model.” Natasha Stewart was convicted of manslaughter in Garner’s death and was sentenced to seven years in prison.
Do we blame Tracey for administering fake injections or Gordon who allowed herself to be a guinea pig all in the name of beauty? 
Pebbelz Da Model
butt Woman Gets Jail Term for Fake Butt Injection

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