Friday, 30 September 2016

Black Magician Stuns Police Officers with His Dancing Skills After Being Arrested for Extortion (Photos+Video)

The black magicians dancing before police officers
A shocking video has emerged online showing a group of thrilled police officer watching attentively as a black magician danced in front of them after he was arrested for extortion.
The NewIndianExpress reports that a video footage showing the accused dancing in front of Charminar MLA Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri and police officers has since gone viral on social networking sites on Wednesday.
According to police, the South Zone police nabbed some accused persons, who had duped people in Old City on the pretext of performing black magic and digging treasure troves.
After the accused were shifted to South Zone DCP’s office, one of them, Anwar Hussain, who was wearing a fancy (disco) dress with dazzling colours, told the mediaprsons that he was a close relative of Charminar MLA Quadri and requested the police to let him off. 
Media persons were there to cover the arrest of the accused persons with regard to black magic cases.
Then, to verify the version of the accused, some reporters alerted the Charminar MLA, who was interacting with people living near DCP’s office.
Later, the MLA visited the DCP’s office. The legislator asked the accused Anwar why he was wearing a disco outfit. The accused replied that he was a disco dancer and performed stage shows at functions. He also stated that he had resorted to the act of name-dropping by telling the cops he was kin of the MLA only to get out of custody.
During the conversation, MLA asked Anwar to prove that he was really a disco dancer. The accused performed a disco dance in the presence of MLA and the cops. The entire episode was recorded on a cellphone and was uploaded on the internet. 
When contacted, the Additional DCP, South Zone, Babu Rao, said the dancer was Anwar Hussain, caught committing black magic offences in the old city.

“When scribes asked him to shake a leg to prove whether he is a dancer, the accused performed a dance,” he said.
Watch video below:

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