Tuesday 27 September 2016

Dramatic Moment US Cop Saved Man From Two Raging Pit Bulls In 'Attack Mode' By Pulling Him Onto Bonnet Of His Patrol Car

Oklahoma deputy pulls man on car hood to save him from two pit bulls

This is the incredible moment an Oklahoma police officer rescued a man from two raging pit bulls after pulling him onto the hood of a patrol car.
Canadian County Deputy Barrett Storm was driving to work when he saw a man running and screaming as the the dogs chased him near an El Reno middle school.
The man, who has not been identified, was running backwards, trying to shield himself from the dogs with his jacket. 

Storm immediately parked his patrol vehicle and got the man on the hood of his car so they could take shelter from the dogs. 
The deputy said the dogs were absolutely in 'attack mode'. 
'They're aggressive, they're coming at us, they're barking,' he told KOCO
'I was just thinking of protecting the guy the whole time.' 
Storm continued to bang his baton on the car to keep the dogs' attention until animal control arrived so they didn't wander off and chase someone else.  
Both Barrett and the man were unharmed by the dogs, although the deputy's car did receive some dents during the incident. 
The dogs were returned to their owner, who was cited for allowing them to run off unsupervised, according to the El Reno Tribune
Barett also noted that he decided not to use his gun on the dogs because it was nearly 3pm, and students would soon be streaming out of the nearby school.
'It wasn't a time to shoot the guns.'

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