Tuesday 27 September 2016

Woman Threatens To Kill Her Baby For Making Her Lack Husband


A disturbed woman has captured the attention of many Kenyans after she posted worrying posts that suggested she was willing to kill her baby to get a husband.
Jackline Jepng’etich used her Facebook account to pour out her frustration in getting a man who will marry her in spite of the fact that she is a single mum.
In a series of posts, Jepng’etich gave the impression of an emotionally unstable woman who is undergoing psychological problems that could put her child’s life in danger.

In a post that she would later pull down, the Eldoret-based woman said: “who is going to marry me with this baby or I kill her right away ndo niolewe (Who is going to marry me with this baby or I kill her right away so I can get married)”.woman-threatens-to-kill-her-baby-for-making-her-lack-husband-2
In another post, she posted a photo of her baby with the caption: “Mnisaidie haki plz nimechanganyikiwa sanasana (Please help me, I am extremely confused)”.
In her profile, Jepng’etich says that she studied Computer Science at the University of Eldoret.
The disturbing posts appear not to have caught the attention of her relatives or colleagues.

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