Saturday 1 October 2016

I'm The Daddy... Honest! How Bailey The Tiny Chihuahua Fathered Pup With Coco The Massive Mastiff

I'm the daddy... honest! How Bailey the tiny chihuahua fathered pup with Coco the massive
Like many little dogs, Bailey is a cheeky character and can sometimes get ideas above his station. His naughty behaviour has even led to anguished phone calls from neighbours in in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, after he has run off with amorous designs on their pets. But the seven-year-old's owners were shocked when their other canine Coco (left), who towers over him, unexpectedly gave birth to a curious-looking puppy - and it dawned on them Bailey must have been the father (right). The male offspring was the only puppy in the litter so they named him Nemo (inset) after the famous animated fish character who was the result of his parents' only surviving egg.

‘Bailey may be small in size but he’s a big character. He escapes and we get phone calls from people saying he is trying it on with their dogs.
‘Coco is the most placid, gentle dog. Nemo is a very loving, happy dog.’ Nemo was born in the living room at their home and later taken for a check-up at the vet’s.
He is healthy and despite not looking very much like Bailey except in his colouring, is said to have inherited his father’s yappy bark.
Small in size but a big character 
Miss Ferdinand, a sales executive, said: ‘It was a shock. We didn’t even know Coco was pregnant until she popped Nemo out.
‘But Bailey is a bit of a rogue – he does what he wants. We didn’t want another dog but because Nemo was born on his own we felt we had to keep him.’
Coco later had a second litter of 11 puppies, with Bailey again the prime suspect for being the father. Those were all found loving homes elsewhere. Coco, aged six, has since been spayed.
Bill Lambert, health and breeder services manager at the Kennel Club, said it was highly unusual but ‘technically possible’ for two dogs of such completely different sizes to produce puppies because they are the same species.

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