Saturday 7 January 2017

Discharged Military Vet, 26, Who Shot Dead Five At Ft.Lauderdale Airport Baggage Claim After Telling FBI Two Months Ago That He Was Being Forced By The CIA To Fight For ISIS

Santiago served in Iraq in 2010 as a private first class and combat engineer. He received half a dozen medals before receiving a general discharge for unsatisfactory performance in August last year
Police are investigating whether the lone shooter who opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport in Florida was mentally disturbed after he executed five people in the baggage claim hall with a gun he had checked in his luggage. Gunman Esteban Santiago (main), a 26-year-old Iraq veteran, opened fire in the airport's baggage claim area of Terminal 2 around 1pm on Friday. Santiago flew into the airport from Anchorage, Alaska (with a layover in Minneapolis, St. Paul) on Delta flight 2182, and checked a gun in his luggage for the flight. 

After reclaiming his bag, he loaded the handgun in a bathroom and then opened fire in the baggage claim area. Among the first of the victims to be named is Terry Andres - a 62-year-old grandfather who was at the airport with his wife to go on a vacation. Santiago is believed to have had a history of mental problems. Sources have told CBS news that Santiago walked into an FBI office in Anchorage in November last year claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS. After that incident, Santiago started getting treatment for his mental health issues. 

His brother speculated that Santiago may have suffered a 'flashback' from his time in Iraq, despite not being diagnosed with PTSD. He was deployed to Iraq for one year in 2010. He received a general discharge for unsatisfactory performance from the Army National Guard in August last year. The motive for the shooting is still not known, but Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told CNN that Santiago may have gotten into an altercation on his flight earlier that morning. Authorities say Santiago was acting alone. Santiago lived in Anchorage, Alaska from 2014 to 2016, where his girlfriend and child continue to live. His aunty said Santiago had returned from Iraq acting strangely but had seemed happy since the birth of his child last year.

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