Saturday 7 January 2017

Meet Pastor Joseph Obayemi, The Newly Ordained RCCG National Overseer - Six Facts You May Want To Know

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Pastor E.A Adeboye made the announcement appointing Pastor Joseph Obayemi as national leader of RCCG on Saturday, January 7, which left his members and all the lovers of the man of God stunned since they were not expecting such a shocking move by the world renowned leader.

Pastor Adeboye became the GO of the RCCG in 1981 and at age 74 (after more than three decades in the same post), he decided to allow a ‘fresh blood’ in the frame of Pastor Joseph Obayemi, to take the mantle of leadership from him in Nigeria while he remains the worldwide leader of the ministry.

Many Nigerians, unlike RCCG members, are not readily conversant with the man who is to now become the new face of the ministry in Nigeria.

Here are six facts that may have favored Obayemi:

1. Pastor Obayemi was picked from Lagos state, as he was the clergyman in charge of Lagos Province 28, Region 2.

2. As one of the prominent ministers of the assembly, he has been one of the decision makers as a member of the governing council of RCCG.

3. He also seems to be a trustworthy fellow to have been picked by Pastor Adeboye as he was a deputy in charge of Finance.

4. The incoming National Overseer also headed the board of governors, House fellowship of the RCCG body.

5. His selection may also have been based on the fact that he was a special assistant to Daddy GO on Finance PICR in the region where he was the pastor.

6. In 2015, he laid the foundation of the place of worship of the province, although it was a temporary site.

To some of us, Pastor Adeboye may have indirectly appointed the man who will succeed him as the General Overseer of the church when he eventually retires. If this is so, he may have removed a succession palava in RCCG at least at this time.

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