Friday 6 January 2017

Doctor Helps Woman Deliver Baby In A Keke Napep In Enugu.

A Nigerian doctor, Ogoo Ekete has been hailed after helping a pregnant woman in labour deliver her baby while traveling to the village in Enugu state. According to Seun Oloketuyi, the delivery was done in a tricycle a.k.a 'Keke Napep' with the aid of a torchlight from a mobile phone.

Read the full details as shared by Seun Oloketuyi

Ogoo Ekete is a young Medical Doctor. But that's not all. She is also wife to my colleague, Fred, an Engineer in our Networks Department. Still that's not all. On New Year Day, God used Dr. Ogoo to accomplish a feat, which led to the birth of a potential leader of tomorrow and saved the life of his mother. Now, that's just it, but then there's a story behind the story. Come with me...

Traveling in the village with her hubby and children, to visit her sister, their car was flagged down by a desperate and anxious young man, whose wife was in labor at the LGA health centre (Iji Nike Cottage Hospital, Near Enugu East Development Centre Nkwo Nike) without any staff at work. Jesus!

In less than 5 minutes, Dr. Ogoo, a kind and blessed daughter of Zion, set up a mobile hospital in the "keke" that brought in the woman, and went into active delivery mode. Chai!

Fred's sister-in-law, whom they were going to visit and whose house was right opposite the Health Centre, played the midwife and used the torchlight in Fred's mobile phone to provide the needed illumination.

To the glory of almighty God, at 6:30 pm 1/1/16, she very meticulously and successfully delivered the woman of a bouncing baby boy. Praise the Lord somebody!

Let us thank God for the life of the baby and her mother. Only God knows what their fate would have been, had Dr. Ogoo hadn't happened around at the time, and wasn't spirit-led to render a selfless service according her Hippocratic Oath.

Please join me to celebrate this wonderful woman, this blessed medical doctor, this humanitarian, this instrument of God, Dr. Ogoo Ekete. She will rise and rise and rise to the top of her chosen career, in Jesus' name! She will find favor from men and women and, more importantly, from almighty God.

Immense thanks to Fred, a great chap and bloody good Engineer, the husband, who didn't first start thinking of possible deleterious consequences and, therefore, encouraged and supported his wife to do the great deed she's d

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