Sunday 1 January 2017

What Is Wrong With This Photo?

Someone shared this online, saying the black lady on the far left is always disrespectful to men and she always use words like, 'men are trash, men are scum', etc.
And her girlfriends usually hail her whenever she's using her mouth to rubbish men, anytime they are having ladies chat at home and she'll be feeling cool with herself.
Funny enough, she didn't know that all her friends have their own men and she's the only one who's insulting men and acting miss independent all along, refusing to drop her arrogance.
But the whole truth came out yesterday - on Christmas day. All their men came to visit them at home and she is the only one without a man.
Just look at the way she's sitting.
Learn to live right for your own good, you are not better than anybody

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