Monday 2 January 2017

See The ingenious Gadgets Used By Spies Housed At The International Spy Museum

See the ingenious - and sometimes ridiculous - gadgets used by spies housed at
Spies from the past decades were clearly creative with the way they hid weapons and tools. 
Much of the gear housed at the International Spy Museum shows their tools were weird like Inspector Gadget more than sleek like James Bond.
There isn't much glamorous about a rectal storage compartment that holds 10 tools or a bulky pigeon camera. 

Hollow Coin


M-94 Cipher Device

Circa 1922-1943

Escape Boot

Circa 1939-1945

Ring Guns

19th Century

One-Time Pad (Silk)

Circa 1930-1940

Lighter Camera

Late 1970s

Gas Assassination Weapon


Steineck ABC Wristwatch Camera

Circa 1949

Rose O'Neal Greenhow Embroidery

Suitcase Radio, Model AN/PRC-5

Circa 1944-1945

Tessina Camera and Cigarette Case Concealment


Briefcase Recorder


Microdot Camera


Brass Knuckles


Concealment Ring for Microdots



Secret Cipher Ashtray

Circa 1930-1940

Glove Pistol

Circa 1942-1945

Courier Shoes with Container


Confederate Civil War Cipher Disk

Circa 1862

Coal Camouflage Kit and Explosive Coal

Circa 1942-1945

Liberator Pistol with Ammunition and Manual

Circa 1942-1945

Virginia Hall Identification Document

Circa 1939-1955

Hairbrush Concealment for Minox Camera


Battery Concealment with Three Tropel Camera Bodies

Late 1970s

Lock Pick Kit


M-209 Cipher Machine

Circa 1943

G-Men Toys

Flashlight Gun


Tobacco Pipe Pistol

Circa 1939-1945
Smoking kills: This little pipe was a pistol used by the British Special Forces during World War II and could fire a a small projectile

John Walker Briefcase

Circa 1980s

Dead Drop Spikes


Echo 8 Lighter Camera

Japan, 1950s

Pigeon Camera

Pigeon photographer: This camera seems bulky by today's standards, but it was used to sneakily photograph fortifications in World War I

Enigma Machine

Bond Car

George Washington Spy Letter


Rectal Tool Kit

Pain in the rear: This rectal unit sneakily stored up to 10 deadly tools 

Buttonhole Camera, Model F-21

Circa 1970

Shoe with Heel Transmitter


Pencil Clip Compass

Circa 1939-1945

Iraqi “Most Wanted” Playing Cards

c. 2003

Hand Grenade with Booby Trap Device

Circa 1942-1945

Time Delay Pencils

Circa 1943-1945

Camera Concealed in Briefcase


Eyeglasses with Concealed Cyanide Pills

Circa 1975-1977
These glasses used by the CIA from 1975 to 1977 concealed cyanide pellets

Bulgarian Umbrella

This Bulgarian umbrella from 1978 killed dissident Georgi Markov on the streets of London by shooting a tiny poison pellet

Fountain Pen Camera

Late 1970s

Lipstick Pistol

Circa 1965
Killer kisses: This harmless looking lipstick is actually a pistol used by the KGB in 1975

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