Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Popularly Comedian 'Chigul' Chioma Omeruah: "I Married As A Virgin At 33”

Popularly known as a comedian, singer and actress, Chigul (real name Chioma Omeruah) became a viral star when her comic voice notes began to circulate in Nigeria. These voice notes transformed her life, got her comedy gigs and opened her up to different opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Today, the daughter of former Anambra state governor, Samson Emeka Omeruah has featured in movies such as Road to Yesterday and Banana Island Ghost, and has also gone on to host popular events and TV shows.

On Episode 9 of King Women, Chigul discloses personal details about her background – how she consistently failed in school, her marriage, and being virgin till 33.

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