Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Shocking! Watch Video Of Physiotherapist Manhandling A Special Needs Child In Nigeria

The horrific video which was shared on Youtube shows a physiotherapist manhandling a little girl with cerebral palsy. The video was captured on CCTV and shared by a Nigeria based NGO, Diary of a Special needs Mom Initiative.

The video which is about 19 minutes long shows the caregiver slapping, hitting and twisting the hand of the child several times.

At a point, she even used her cellphone to slap the child, tied her hands at her back and consistently pushed the little girl. The little girl fell down from her seat more than five times in the video and every time the physiotherapist picked her up, she hit the girl. She was more concerned with pressing her phone than giving the little girl any attention.

Watch the video below...

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