Thursday, 1 June 2017

Social Media Goes Into Ecstasies Over Tall Hunky Fitness Trainer Nicknamed 'TREE MAN' Because Of His Ripped 6'7 Frame

Fitness trainer goes viral after being compared to a tree
Danny Jones, 31, of Southern California was recently the subject of a tweet comparing him to a tree that has since been shared over 21,000 times. It began after his Instagram account caught the eye of Twitter user @vickto_willy, who shared a pair of images on her own account, including one of Danny struggling to duck under a ceiling while climbing down the stairs, and another of him dwarfing every appliance in a kitchen.

Just hanging out: Danny is 6'7 and has a 275lb frame that has led to some social media users to dub him 'Tree Man'

'This not a man, this a tree,' she wrote along with the pair of images. 
Somehow the images make Danny appear even taller than his lofty 6'7, and quickly grabbed the attention of other users on the site.
While his sheer size was the initial joke of the tweet, what followed was a stream of new fans commenting on Danny's good looks, with plenty of variations of: 'I'd climb that tree.' 
Handy: Some users marveled at Danny's ability to fix lighting fixtures without so much as standing on his tiptoes Bit of a squeeze: Danny looks comical as he tries to fit his muscular frame into a tiny airplane bathroom

Of course, some of the cruder users went straight to speculations over a particular part of his anatomy using gifs, such as one of a hamster nibbling a banana. 
Others marveled at his ability to use his size around the house, such as changing ceiling light bulbs or fixing high-up appliances without needing a stepladder.  
SO far, the tweet has been shared more than 21,000 times and gained over 38,000 likes. 
Later on, @vikto_willy took to Twitter once again to share with her followers the identity of 'Tree Man'. 
Tree Man likes to pose next to doors to show just how giant he actually is.
'Here's his @. Go plant some seeds,' she wrote, including Danny's Instagram handle.

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