Thursday, 14 December 2017

"I Was Drunk, A Man Took Me To His House & Bathed Me Without Touching Me"

A Nigerian lady identified as ‘Dr Atinuke’, has narrated how one of her male friends, Ladi, took her to his crib, took care of her and didn’t touch her after she got extremely drunk.

Atinuke took to Twitter to reveal the story, she wrote;

I once went to a club with a guy i met through my cousin, i took 4 glasses of Long Island, i was wasted. Dude took to me to his house, removed my clothes & put me under shower. wakeup next morning in his boxer & shirt.


I will forever respect Ladi


Read online comments below;

And you no shame to post am online

Sorry zykod, I don take your FTC

If she was not aware when he washed her and changed her dress, What makes her think she was not fingered or even bleeped? 

I am not saying there are no nice guys around , all I want to point out is that she is not in a concious state to make these claims.

There are lots of responsible guys around. It's the ones whose pricks work overtime that are spoiling the image of the good ones. I have a friend like that, highly self-controlled guy. I have also met the one who seems so he could snuff life outta me in a second. 

She should be careful how she drinks though. 
Lest she runs outta luck.

Beht how can you bathe someone without 'touching' her?

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