Friday, 15 December 2017

Nigerian Female-to-male Transgender Shares His Amazing Transformation Photos

A Nigerian female-to-male transgender took to social media and posted throwback baby photos of herself/himself In commemoration of his 24th birthday. He/she  shared photos of his incredible transformation and Nigerians are reacting..see some below;

lakaroyskitchen_catering: La hawla wa la quwatta illa billah. Subhanallah.. indeed those who change the creation of Allah will meet him o

orlee_j: No-one has the freaking right to fucking judge anybody… You’ve never been there, you’ve never felt anything.. You don’t know what it means to battle gender crisis. so just shut the fuck up…. Some of them judging him.. Have already aborted 10kids and poisoning people’s mind and how do you think you will stand on judgement day…anyways I don’t blame anyone your environment surely affect the mentality here……people calling bobrisky a goat.. He is far.. When I mean far better than some people… Look inside someone.. Not the person’s appearance.. Seriously we need to change our mentality towards some things…

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tomtomwis: I don’t know why all these kind of people come from YORUBA.. ….. Abi na curse? Bobrisky, Denrele, Hasan, Bisi, etc now this one again? Any spirit that will try to convince my future wife into this kind thing HOLY GHOOOOST fire More photos below.

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