Saturday, 16 December 2017

Paul Okoye of P-Square Shares Why Their Mansion ‘SquareVille’ Was Up For Sale At N320m. Photos

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It was reported recently that Paul Okoye and Jude Okoye had put up their Squareville mansion located in Omole Estate for sale.

Paul of the defunct P’Square group has finally opened up on why himself and his brother put up the mansion for sale.

According to Dailypost, back in September, the brothers had put the mansion up for sale and the agent is aiming to sell the building which has a swimming pool, basement and other exotic features for 320 Million Naira.

Speaking with STV, Paul listed why they were selling off the house.

He said, “It is a normal thing. I and Jude own Squaresville, so we decided to sell it. We had already fixed it up as our office and studio and one side for our signed artist.

“When we moved into Ikoyi, going down to Omole became too stressful. Before now, we were ok with the house on the mainland because we had no kids nor family then.

“Now we have our families and going to the third mainland every day was stressful.

“So, we just decided to sell it while we are making plans to buy somewhere on the Island, preferably Lekki which is close to us, not the one that the house is on the mainland and when we have to go there, we would be checking the traffic situation.”

 A visit to the mansion located at Lola Holloway street, Omole Estate  shows the ‘For Sale’ sign-post in front of the property and when we put a call through to the agent, we gathered that the twin building with a swimming pool, underground basement, and other exotic features is up for sale at 320 Million Naira.

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At the time when Psquare moved into the mansion in 2010, Peter Okoye was quoted saying, ‘getting a land in Omole Estate (Ikeja, Lagos) alone is N100m. When you look at the house, especially the finishing, it is over $2million. When people speculated that the house was worth N300 million, we had not even finished the interior. What do you think is the cost of a mansion that has a swimming pool, six living rooms, ten master bedrooms, all fully furnished? It’s far more than the speculated N300million’.

The brothers have several other properties in Lekki Phase One, Banana Island, Atlanta Georgia and other locations.

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