Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Neighbours Heard Chilling Threat Hours Before 'Arsonists Climbed Scaffolding and Poured Fuel Down Chimney To Start Blaze That Killed Three Children After Family Living In Fear Asked For Police Protection'

Brandon Pearson, eight, and Lacie Pearson, seven, died in the Manchester fire but their youngest sister Lia, three, pictured in their arms, is in a critical condition in hospital
This is the moment the number one suspect wanted over the Salford arson attack that killed three children was arrested on suspicion of murder in front of a crowd baying for his blood.
The suspect, believed to be a 23-year-old man, was dragged from his car and marched away in handcuffs by police at around 7pm last night.
The arrest was a few streets away from the house in Walkden, Greater Manchester ripped apart by fire at 5am yesterday. 
A large crowd gathered in the snow to see the suspect taken away hurled abuse at him and one man screamed: 'I hope you die you b*****d. F*****g dead man walking' while a woman screams 'evil c***'.
Pictures from the scene yesterday morning show the fire-damaged window frames of the house. There are claims the fire may have been started via the chimney after climbing up the scaffolding (pictured)

Last night it emerged the murderer who killed three children in an arson attack and left their mother and baby sister fighting for their lives may have poured petrol down the chimney hours after warning them: 'I'll kill you all'.
Michelle Pearson’s daughter Demi, 14, son Brandon, eight, and daughter Lacie, seven, all perished. 
The children’s 35-year-old mother is heavily sedated in hospital and unaware of the tragedy as she was treated along with her youngest daughter Lia, three, who was in a critical condition last night. 
Mother Michelle, 35, survived but is fighting for her lifeDemi Pearson, 14, was the eldest child to be killed in the deliberate fire in Manchester yesterday as it emerged police had already been to their house hours earlier
The main suspect was reportedly dragged from his car.
Witness Kyle Skelhorn, 31, said: 'My girlfriend was coming home from work last night at about 6pm and she was adamant she’d seem him driving down the road.
'She said "I’m sure he’s just driven past in a car". We saw him being pulled from the car by police and being patted down. He flipped his hood up over his head when he saw I was videoing him. The police led him away to a van.
The blaze came just hours after police were called to the property over a previous incident where a man is said to have been heard shouting: 'I'll kill you all'. 
Two teenage boys – Ms Pearson's son Kyle and a friend - managed to flee the house as it went up in flames from an upstairs window.
Kyle said last night: ‘I can’t get my head around it. It’s disgraceful. It’s hard to talk about it. I’m in shock.’
The fire may have been started after fuel was poured into the house from the roof and set alight after clambering up some scaffolding.
Seven-year-old Lacie Pearson (pictured) died following the arson attack at her home on Monday morning 
Seven-year-old Lacie Pearson (pictured) died following the arson attack at her home on Monday morning 
A family friend told The Sun: 'I heard it (came) down the chimney.'
A stepfather of one of the teenagers who survived told the paper that a man turned up at the house 'yelling abuse' and was 'banging on the door'. 
He said: 'The mum was speaking to him out the window, telling him to 'pack it in'. She called the police. Officers attended. They took statements. I heard that before the man walked away he yelled, 'I'll kill you all'."
Close friend Janette Dean, 54, claimed Miss Pearson had been in a long-running row with a neighbour, who she said had ‘smashed up’ her house with a hammer last week after an argument.
‘Shell was involved in a row with a bloke and his girlfriend and he smashed up Michelle’s house with a hammer last week after an argument,’ she said.
‘I felt sick when I found out about what had happened. What happened today is terrible, it’s the worst - it’s unbelievable those kids are dead.
‘At the end of the day Michelle had her fair share of problems, but she loved those kids and she was good woman and good mum.’ 
Police were called to the property at around 2am following a reported incident - three hours before the blaze took hold. 
Security had been stepped up at the mid-terrace property and sources said the house had been 'target hardened' to protect the family. 
An increased security device was fitted on the letterbox and officers said the force had 'very recent physical contact with the family - within a day of the attack.

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