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Blogger Linda Ikeji Buys Her Younger Sister Sandra A SUV Worth N30million Naira (Photos)

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Millionaire Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji recently made the news with the surprising gift she gave her younger sister recently. According to her younger sister Laura, Linda surprised another sister of theirs Sandra with a Mercedes Benz SUV worth N30million. See Laura’s report below: “So my sister @officiallindaikeji just bought my sister @sandra_ikeji a 30million Mercedes benz GLE. 
Linda has taken to Instagram to appreciate and celebrate her sister for believing in her, right from when she started hustling.

Sharing the above photo with Sandra and her new whip, Linda wrote:
To the most hard working woman and best human being I know. When I started my company in 2004, whenever I dressed up to go to work, she would dress up and follow me. Almost every day for 7 years. Except when she had to go to school. For years, we didn’t make much but she never stopped believing in me or hustling with me. She worked as hard as I did, if not more for our lives to be better. My backbone and my ‘Miss Fix It’. Love and appreciate you more than you can ever know. Enjoy @sandra_ikeji

Meanwhile, Sandra responded on her page and couldn’t contain her joy. She also shared a note that came with the brand new car.
She shared a clip and wrote:
Oh my God,
@officiallindaikeji jst got me a 30m car. This is a huge surprise. I wasn’t xpecting anything, it’s not even my birthday . I had jst returned from church after a one week powerful retreat and I even came home with a Rev. Fr. Dan whomI hadn’t seen in almost 20yrs who prescided over the retreat , I had brought him home to meet my family, got home and met the surprise of my life. A brand new Mercedes GLE 350 @mayfaiiirrr . Thank you Jesus. 2018 a year of abundant blessing . God bless you more
@officiallindaikeji I love you.
The news of the big purchase was broken by her other sister Laura Ikeji, who is known to always be the first person in the family to reveal any latest gist in the family.
According to Laura, who broke the news via her Instagram page, the SUV is worth a whopping N30million and she looked so excited to show it off to her followers.
Although she mentioned that she is more hard working and should have gotten something a well.
So my sister @officiallindaikeji just bought my sister @sandra_ikeji a 30million Mercedes benz GLE. Like really Linda lol. Why do I work so hard why 😢😢😭😭 😁😁😁😁 but hey Sandy I’m so happy for you sis. We twinning now o. Hey @officiallindaikeji any consolation gift for ya girl? I used to be your bestie na
Sandra Ikeji although has not made any statement about the gift from her billionaire sister. But a look into her social media profile discloses that she is an Events/Weddings/Destinations/ Planning/Cordination planner.
This is surely a big one for the family as it will be recalled that just a week ago, Laura Ikeji bought for herself a brand new Mercedes Benz SUV on her birthday. The jeep which is said to be worth N20million, came as a reward for the hard work she has put into her business, she said.
It didn’t take so long that a particular OAP, Miss Vimbai came on the internet to blast celebrities that show off their rich lifestyle online. According to her, most of these celebrities who claim to be successful and offer advises on how to be rich, are not even rich, they only fake it.
She then went further to say anyone that is not making up to N20million annually should not come out to offer get-rich tips to their followers.
A lot of people believed she was referring to Laura, but Laura Ikeji has come out to reveal that she actually makes more than that in a year.

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